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PIDG Projects: Kenya

US$308.2m committed to support 20 projects. The development impact of these projects is summarised in the data table below:

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Country: Kenya

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PIDG CompanyNo. of ProjectsNo. of Operational PIDG ProjectsPIDG Commitment (US$m)Total Investment Commitment - Predicted (US$m)Private Sector Investment Commitments (Predicted) (US$m)DFI Investment Commitments (Predicted) (US$m)People with Access to New Infrastructure - PredictedPeople with Access to Improved Infrastructure - PredictedShort Term Jobs Created - PredictedLong Term Jobs Created - PredictedFiscal Impact to Governments (Predicted) (US$m)
InfraCo Africa Development407.6014.545.465.4043,06102001.61
InfraCo Africa Investment3017.0023.0813.0810.007,56201,4001600.00
PIDG Total206308.17937.15530.84402.6311,601,5472,610,0074,46847817.75