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PIDG Projects: ICF - DP

US$568.4m committed to support 19 projects. The development impact of these projects is summarised in the data table below:

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PIDG Company: ICF - DP


Project ID Project Name PIDG CompanyPIDG Commitment (US$m)CountryRegionStatusSectorSub-sectorEnergy project typeRenewableDAC TypeFragile State TypeStart yearClose yearDate of Operation expectedOperational projectMW CapacityTotal Investment Commitment - Predicted (US$m)Total Private Sector Investment Commitment - Predicted (US$m)Development Finance Investment Commitment - Predicted (US$m)Total Grant Funding - Predicted (US$m)People with Access to New Infrastructure - PredictedPeople with Access to Improved Infrastructure - PredictedShort Term Jobs Created - PredictedLong Term Jobs Created - PredictedPost-Completion Monitoring completedPCM YearCo-Financed with other PIDG entity
1027 Ackruti City Ltd Slum Redevelopment, India ICF - DP30.00IndiaSouth AsiaFinancially ClosedSocial InfrastructureHousingNoLower Middle Income Country or TerritoryOther20102010NoNoYes
1050 Addax Bioenergy (SL) Limited (“Addax”), Sierra Leone ICF - DP27.70Sierra LeoneSub-Saharan AfricaLoan prepaid / G'tee pre-redeemedAgriculture-supporting infrastructureNoLeast Developed CountryFragile State201120112015NoNoYes
1062 Aeroport International Blaise Diagne, Senegal ICF - DP32.00SenegalSub-Saharan AfricaLoan prepaid / G'tee pre-redeemedTransportationAir transportNoLeast Developed CountryOther201120112017Yes615.00156.00459.001,200,0001,800,0002,000250Yes2018No
1251 Azura Power West Africa Limited (Azura) ICF - DP25.00NigeriaSub-Saharan AfricaFinancially ClosedPower/EnergyGasGenerationNoLower Middle Income Country or TerritoryFragile State201420142018YesYes2020Yes
1039 Cai Lan Port, Vietnam ICF - DP27.20VietnamEast Asia and PacificFinancially ClosedBulk Storage / Logistics FacilitiesNoOther Low Income CountryOther201020102013Yes155.3054.35100.95500340NoNo
1010 Cai Mep Port, Vietnam ICF - DP10.00VietnamEast Asia and PacificFinancially ClosedBulk Storage / Logistics FacilitiesNoOther Low Income CountryOther201020102018YesNoNo
1018 Calidda, Peru ICF - DP35.00PeruLatin America & CaribbeanLoan or G'tee repaid at redemption dateGas transportation, distribution and storageNoLower Middle Income Country or TerritoryOther20102010Yes235.00135.00100.00675,0002,000150NoNo
1127 Ethiopian Airlines ICF - DP30.00EthiopiaSub-Saharan AfricaLoan or G'tee repaid at redemption dateTransportationAir transportNoLeast Developed CountryFragile State201220122014YesYes2014Yes
1280 Generadora San Mateo (GSM) and- Generadora San Andres (GSA), Guatemala ICF - DP15.00GuatemalaLatin America & CaribbeanLoan prepaid / G'tee pre-redeemedPower/EnergyHydroGenerationYesLower Middle Income Country or TerritoryOther201520152021Yes30.65118.9088.9030.0030,000321,78630020NoNo
1387 HK Bridge ICF - DP22.30Cote d'IvoireSub-Saharan AfricaFinancially ClosedTransportationRoad transportNoLower Middle Income Country or TerritoryFragile State201620162015Yes320.6069.20251.401,820,000798160Yes2016No
1279 HKA, Turkey ICF - DP33.00TurkeyEurope and Central AsiaLoan prepaid / G'tee pre-redeemedWater, Sewerage and SanitationTreatmentNoUpper Middle Income Country or TerritoryOther201520152018Yes229.40109.00120.40383NoNo
1028 INA Industrija Nafte, d.d., Croatia ICF - DP66.00Croatia (Hrvatska)Europe and Central AsiaLoan prepaid / G'tee pre-redeemedOil Transportation, Distribution and StorageNoUpper Middle Income Country or TerritoryOther201020102010Yes672.00386.00286.002,464,0003,8002,000Yes2011No
1265 Karadeniz, Multiple countries ICF - DP15.00IndonesiaEast Asia and PacificLoan or G'tee repaid at redemption datePower/EnergyHybridGenerationNoLower Middle Income Country or TerritoryOther201520152016Yes107.0067.0040.0064Yes2018No
1116 PowerGrid Corporation of India (PGCIL) ICF - DP50.00IndiaSouth AsiaFinancially ClosedPower/EnergyHybridTransmission & DistributionNoLower Middle Income Country or TerritoryOther20122012Yes812.00412.00400.00Yes2014No
1058 Rift Valley Railways (RVR) ICF - DP20.00Multiple Countries (SSA) - FCAS / LDCSub-Saharan AfricaLoan prepaid / G'tee pre-redeemedTransportationRail transportNoLDC / Other Low Income (Multiple Countries)Multiple - Over 50% in Fragile States201120112016NoNoYes
1044 South Africa Development Finance Company ICF - DP31.70South AfricaSub-Saharan AfricaLoan or G'tee repaid at redemption dateTransportationRoad transportNoUpper Middle Income Country or TerritoryOther20102010YesYes2013Yes
1115 Takoradi International Company Ltd, Ghana ICF - DP30.00GhanaSub-Saharan AfricaFinancially ClosedPower/EnergyGasGenerationNoLower Middle Income Country or TerritoryOther201220122015YesYes2017Yes
1326 Transambiental ICF - DP18.50ColombiaLatin America & CaribbeanFinancially ClosedTransportationRoad transportNoUpper Middle Income Country or TerritoryOther201620162022Yes82.3026.3056.00422,000528NoNo
1068 Zain Iraq ICF - DP50.00IraqMiddle East and North AfricaLoan prepaid / G'tee pre-redeemedDigital Communications InfrastructureNoLower Middle Income Country or TerritoryFragile State20112011Yes400.00400.001,800,00020050Yes2012No