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PIDG Projects: InfraCo Asia Investment

US$77.7m committed to support 7 projects. The development impact of these projects is summarised in the data table below:

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PIDG Company: InfraCo Asia Investment


Project ID Project Name PIDG CompanyPIDG Commitment (US$m)CountryRegionStatusSectorSub-sectorEnergy project typeRenewableDAC TypeFragile State TypeStart yearClose yearDate of Operation expectedOperational projectMW CapacityTotal Investment Commitment - Predicted (US$m)Total Private Sector Investment Commitment - Predicted (US$m)Development Finance Investment Commitment - Predicted (US$m)Total Grant Funding - Predicted (US$m)People with Access to New Infrastructure - PredictedPeople with Access to Improved Infrastructure - PredictedShort Term Jobs Created - PredictedLong Term Jobs Created - PredictedPost-Completion Monitoring completedPCM YearCo-Financed with other PIDG entity
1245 Coc San Hydro Power Project, Vietnam InfraCo Asia Investment10.00VietnamEast Asia and PacificExited/Sold post-FCPower/EnergyHydroGenerationYesLower Middle Income Country or TerritoryOther201420142015YesYes2016Yes
1271 Gul Ahmed Wind Power, Pakistan InfraCo Asia Investment7.00PakistanSouth AsiaExited/Sold post-FCPower/EnergyWindGenerationYesLower Middle Income Country or TerritoryFragile State201520152016YesYes2016Yes
1651 Indonesia Rural Wireless Broadband InfraCo Asia Investment15.00IndonesiaEast Asia and PacificFinancially ClosedDigital Communications InfrastructureNoLower Middle Income Country or TerritoryOther202020202024No98.2070.7027.50608NoNo
1652 Infra Zamin Pakistan InfraCo Asia Investment15.57PakistanSouth AsiaFinancially ClosedMulti-SectorNoLower Middle Income Country or TerritoryFragile State202020202021No77.8577.85NoNo
1260 Metro Wind Power, Pakistan InfraCo Asia Investment11.20PakistanSouth AsiaExited/Sold post-FCPower/EnergyWindGenerationYesLower Middle Income Country or TerritoryFragile State201420142016YesYes2016Yes
1540 Ninh Thuan Solar Power, Vietnam InfraCo Asia Investment9.00VietnamEast Asia and PacificExited/Sold post-FCPower/EnergySolarGenerationYesLower Middle Income Country or TerritoryOther20182018YesYes2020Yes
1710 Pareng Hydro Power, India InfraCo Asia Investment9.90IndiaSouth AsiaFinancially ClosedPower/EnergyHydroGenerationYesLower Middle Income Country or TerritoryOther202120212024NoNoYes