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PIDG Projects: Nepal

US$35.0m committed to support 3 projects. The development impact of these projects is summarised in the data table below:

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Country: Nepal


Project ID Project Name PIDG CompanyPIDG Commitment (US$m)CountryRegionStatusSectorSub-sectorEnergy project typeRenewableDAC TypeFragile State TypeStart yearClose yearDate of Operation expectedOperational projectMW CapacityTotal Investment Commitment - Predicted (US$m)Total Private Sector Investment Commitment - Predicted (US$m)Development Finance Investment Commitment - Predicted (US$m)Total Grant Funding - Predicted (US$m)People with Access to New Infrastructure - PredictedPeople with Access to Improved Infrastructure - PredictedShort Term Jobs Created - PredictedLong Term Jobs Created - PredictedPost-Completion Monitoring completedPCM YearCo-Financed with other PIDG entity
1088 Kabeli A Hydro Power, Nepal InfraCo Asia Development5.20NepalSouth AsiaFinancially ClosedPower/EnergyHydroGenerationYesLeast Developed CountryFragile State20122017No37.6095.9812.1083.800.081,476,93128060NoNo
1649 Nepal Rooftop Solar - Phase 1 InfraCo Asia Development1.62NepalSouth AsiaFinancially ClosedPower/EnergySolarGenerationYesLeast Developed CountryOther202020212023No3.002.190.571.621,5867512NoNo
1259 Solu Hydropower Private Limited, Nepal ('Essel') GuarantCo28.20NepalSouth AsiaFinancially ClosedPower/EnergyHydroGenerationYesLeast Developed CountryFragile State201420142026No82.00191.0083.50107.504,214,8821,00075NoNo