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PIDG Projects: Urban Development / Infrastructure

US$29.9m committed to support 3 projects, of which 0 are operational. The development impact of these projects is summarised in the data table below:

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Sector: Urban Development / Infrastructure


Project ID Project Name FacilityPIDG Commitment (US$m)StatusPost-Completion Monitoring Form CompletedSectorCountryRegionDAC TypeFragile State TypeStart YearClose YearExpected Date of OperationActual Date of OperationTotal Investment Commitment (Predicted) (US$m)Additional People with Access to Infrastructure (Predicted)People with Improved Access to Infrastructure (Predicted)Short Term Jobs Created (Predicted)Long Term Jobs Created (Predicted)Year of Post-Completion Monitoring
1078 Bhubaneswar PSL - Street lighting, India (589387) DevCo0.25Fin. Closed / Sold / Loan, G'tee, Mandate SignedNoUrban Development / InfrastructureIndiaSouth AsiaLDC/OLIC (I/II) (India)Other20112014Sep-14
1482 Nam Long Investment Company ('NLIC'), Vietnam GuarantCo29.00Fin. Closed / Sold / Loan, G'tee, Mandate SignedNoUrban Development / InfrastructureVietnamEast Asia and PacificLMICOther20182018Dec-27100.0035025
1063 Rajasthan street lighting, India (585107) DevCo0.60Project has reached Commercial Close (Devco)NoUrban Development / InfrastructureIndiaSouth AsiaLDC/OLIC (I/II) (India)Other2012Jun-14