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PIDG Projects: InfraCo Africa

US$83.1m committed to support 19 projects, of which 5 are operational. The development impact of these projects is summarised in the data table below:

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Facility: InfraCo Africa


Project ID Project Name FacilityPIDG Commitment (US$m)StatusPost-Completion Monitoring Form CompletedSectorCountryRegionDAC TypeFragile State TypeStart YearClose YearExpected Date of OperationActual Date of OperationTotal Investment Commitment (Predicted) (US$m)Additional People with Access to Infrastructure (Predicted)People with Improved Access to Infrastructure (Predicted)Short Term Jobs Created (Predicted)Long Term Jobs Created (Predicted)Year of Post-Completion Monitoring
843 Antara Cold Storage Project, Vietnam InfraCo Africa0.28Fin. Closed / Sold / Loan, G'tee, Mandate SignedYesAgri-InfrastructureVietnamEast Asia and PacificOLICOther20072008Apr-09Jun-1027.005000013002002009
991 Chanyanya Pilot Irrigation Project, Zambia InfraCo Africa1.10Fin. Closed / Sold / Loan, G'tee, Mandate SignedYesAgri-InfrastructureZambiaSub-Saharan AfricaLDCOther20062009Nov-08Nov-082.99113495702009
842 Chiansi Irrigation, Zambia InfraCo Africa6.40Under Active DevelopmentNoAgri-InfrastructureZambiaSub-Saharan AfricaLDCOther2006Jan-18
1281 Corbetti Geothermal - PHASE 1 - Ethiopia InfraCo Africa15.00Under Active DevelopmentNoEnergy Generation/T&DEthiopiaSub-Saharan AfricaLDCFragile State2015Dec-17
1294 Djermaya Solar - PHASE 1, Chad InfraCo Africa2.90Under Active DevelopmentNoEnergy Generation/T&DChadSub-Saharan AfricaLDCFragile State2015Mar-18
1233 Fula Rapids, South Sudan InfraCo Africa2.00Under Active DevelopmentNoEnergy Generation/T&DSouth SudanSub-Saharan AfricaLDCFragile State2014
841 Geometrics Power Aba Ltd, Nigeria InfraCo Africa0.48Fin. Closed / Sold / Loan, G'tee, Mandate SignedNoEnergy Generation/T&DNigeriaSub-Saharan AfricaOLICFragile State20052008Jun-18420.002000000600375
839 Kalangala Infrastructure Services Project, Uganda InfraCo Africa4.10Fin. Closed / Sold / Loan, G'tee, Mandate SignedYesMultiSectorUgandaSub-Saharan AfricaLDCFragile State20042011Mar-16Aug-1648.7335000175602016
1033 Kalangala Renewables, Uganda InfraCo Africa2.20Fin. Closed / Sold / Loan, G'tee, Mandate SignedYesEnergy Generation/T&DUgandaSub-Saharan AfricaLDCFragile State20042011Feb-1575192016
840 Kpone Independent Power Project, Ghana InfraCo Africa11.00Fin. Closed / Sold / Loan, G'tee, Mandate SignedNoEnergy Generation/T&DGhanaSub-Saharan AfricaOLICOther20052010Oct-17903.91827616360070
1321 Lake Victoria Marine Transport, Uganda InfraCo Africa7.40Under Active DevelopmentNoTransport - PortsUgandaSub-Saharan AfricaLDCFragile State2016Dec-19
1012 Muchinga Power Company, Zambia InfraCo Africa1.50Fin. Closed / Sold / Loan, G'tee, Mandate SignedNoEnergy Generation/T&DZambiaSub-Saharan AfricaLDCOther20102012600.0022072444000225
1295 Pavua Hydropower, Mozambique InfraCo Africa7.90Under Active DevelopmentNoEnergy Generation/T&DMozambiqueSub-Saharan AfricaLDCOther2015Dec-21
1397 Redavia Solar – Phase Two InfraCo Africa4.65Fin. Closed / Sold / Loan, G'tee, Mandate SignedNoEnergy Generation/T&DTanzaniaSub-Saharan AfricaLDCOther20162016Mar-185.1988
1296 Redavia Solar - proof of concept, Tanzania InfraCo Africa0.35Fin. Closed / Sold / Loan, G'tee, Mandate SignedNoEnergy Generation/T&DTanzaniaSub-Saharan AfricaLDCOther20152015Mar-182.75210088
1349 Salima Solar, Malawi InfraCo Africa2.60Under Active DevelopmentNoEnergy Generation/T&DMalawiSub-Saharan AfricaLDCFragile State2016Apr-18
1395 Virunga Mini-Hydro, Tanzania InfraCo Africa0.40Under Active DevelopmentNoEnergy Generation/T&DTanzaniaSub-Saharan AfricaLDCOther2016Jul-19
1270 Western Power, Zambia InfraCo Africa5.00Under Active DevelopmentNoEnergy Generation/T&DZambiaSub-Saharan AfricaLDCOther2015Mar-20
845 Wind Farm Extension Project, Cape Verde InfraCo Africa7.88Fin. Closed / Sold / Loan, G'tee, Mandate SignedYesEnergy Generation/T&DCape VerdeSub-Saharan AfricaLMICOther20072010Jan-1278.0050000372000150102011

Project Data as at 30 June 2017

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