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PIDG Projects: Sierra Leone

US$68.0m committed to support 3 projects, of which 1 are operational. The development impact of these projects is summarised in the data table below:

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Country: Sierra Leone


Project ID Project Name FacilityPIDG Commitment (US$m)StatusPost-Completion Monitoring Form CompletedSectorCountryRegionDAC TypeFragile State TypeStart YearClose YearExpected Date of OperationActual Date of OperationTotal Investment Commitment (Predicted) (US$m)Additional People with Access to Infrastructure (Predicted)People with Improved Access to Infrastructure (Predicted)Short Term Jobs Created (Predicted)Long Term Jobs Created (Predicted)Year of Post-Completion Monitoring
1050 Addax Bioenergy (SL) Limited (“Addax”), Sierra Leone ICF - DP27.70Fin. Closed / Sold / Loan, G'tee, Mandate SignedNoAgri-InfrastructureSierra LeoneSub-Saharan AfricaLDCFragile State20112011Jun-15
1049 Addax Bioenergy (SL) Limited (Addax), Sierra Leone EAIF31.31Loan or Guarantee RedeemedNoAgri-InfrastructureSierra LeoneSub-Saharan AfricaLDCFragile State20112011Jun-15361.312300
951 Celtel Africa Telecoms Project - Sierra Leone EAIF9.00Loan or Guarantee RedeemedYesTelecomsSierra LeoneSub-Saharan AfricaLDCFragile State20072007221.302011