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PIDG Projects: Senegal

US$131.0m committed to support 7 projects, of which 3 are operational. The development impact of these projects is summarised in the data table below:

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Country: Senegal


Project ID Project Name FacilityPIDG Commitment (US$m)StatusPost-Completion Monitoring Form CompletedSectorCountryRegionDAC TypeFragile State TypeStart YearClose YearExpected Date of OperationActual Date of OperationTotal Investment Commitment (Predicted) (US$m)Additional People with Access to Infrastructure (Predicted)People with Improved Access to Infrastructure (Predicted)Short Term Jobs Created (Predicted)Long Term Jobs Created (Predicted)Year of Post-Completion Monitoring
1062 Aeroport International Blaise Diagne, Senegal ICF - DP32.00Fin. Closed / Sold / Loan, G'tee, Mandate SignedNoTransport - AirSenegalSub-Saharan AfricaLDCOther20112011Nov-17615.00120000018000002000250
1304 Dakar BRT, Senegal (601344) DevCo0.95Under Active DevelopmentNoTransport - RoadSenegalSub-Saharan AfricaLDCOther2015
1037 Dakar Container Terminal, Senegal EAIF17.02Fin. Closed / Sold / Loan, G'tee, Mandate SignedYesTransport - PortsSenegalSub-Saharan AfricaLDCOther20102010Dec-12Dec-13293.66250182013
1135 Sendou Power Plant, Senegal ICF - DP26.70Loan or Guarantee RedeemedNoEnergy Generation/T&DSenegalSub-Saharan AfricaLDCOther20122012
1360 Senegal PV IPP (600925) DevCo1.20Under Active DevelopmentNoEnergy Generation/T&DSenegalSub-Saharan AfricaLDCOther2016
1389 Senergy 2, Solar Park, Senegal GAP21.10Fin. Closed / Sold / Loan, G'tee, Mandate SignedYesEnergy Generation/T&DSenegalSub-Saharan AfricaLDCOther20162016Sep-16Dec-1630.5016000080242016
1232 Tobene Power, Senegal EAIF32.00Fin. Closed / Sold / Loan, G'tee, Mandate SignedYesEnergy Generation/T&DSenegalSub-Saharan AfricaLDCOther20142014Mar-16Mar-16159.003475251600632016

Project Data as at 30 June 2017

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